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Dr. Paul Ratte, Naturopathic Doctor

About Paul Ratté, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Paul is a naturopathic doctor and an assistant professor of clinical nutrition at Northwestern Health Sciences University. He graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine in 1997.


With one foot in the clinic and one foot in the research, Paul offers his patients and students a balance between the art and science of medicine. With humility and curiosity, he takes a detective approach in the clinic with often complex patients.


He takes a functional medicine approach that addresses the cause rather than the symptoms of disease. Paul works with patients to overcome obstacles and redirect their stories toward health. His specialties include carbohydrate tolerance, digestive function, and enterohepatic recirculation (a fancy word for liver detoxification). 

His professional interests include clinically-relevant biochemistry, anthroposophical medicine, critical thinking, and the challenges of nutritional epidemiology.

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